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Web3, NFTs, & Gaming will continue to grow and lead adoption | Full Event Recap

Full house for Web3, NFTs, and Gaming panel at the TF Labs & Niftmint offices in Seattle
February 13, 2023 | Seattle, WA

Last Wednesday, TF Labs and Niftmint welcomed back the Seattle Crypto Community for another Web3 Event at their offices in Belltown, with over 70 people in attendance and standing room only for "#Web3, #NFTs, and #Gaming" with Rahul Sood of Irreverent Labs, Justin Wu of DCENTRAL Conferences, and Matt Nutt of Fenix Games.

Guest began arriving at 5pm and quickly filed in as the sun began to set on the Space Needle. The first 45 minutes of the event were for networking and connections with a packed room of attendees getting to know each other and making meaningful relationships. The event was catered by Vinason Pho Kitchen which served amazing Banh Mi

sandwiches, chicken wings, and egg rolls.

The event started with Jonathan welcoming everyone to the event and Jonathan letting the audience know that TF Labs and Niftmint will be hosting Web3 events twice a month throughout 2023. Jonathan then invited Dan Thygesen, SVP of Wholesale at T-Mobile, to come up and share a few words as well as to be thanked for sponsoring the evening's event.

The event was live-streamed on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and though Jonathan joked that no one was on the stream when he started it, the streams across platforms no are over a thousand.

The panel started with the introduction of Rahul, Justin, and Matt to the stage while Jonathan recorded them from his hand-held phone and maneuvered across devices on the streaming service so those and home could feel as if they were in attendance.

The conversation started around the importance of "Gaming" in "Web3 Gaming" with the panelist agreeing that if there is no game then Web3 doesn't matter, noting how several NFT projects launched with the promise of developing a game, only to have a very poor experience or not have a game built at all.

Justin Wu mentioned how several of the early Web3-based NFTs started out with games, but then later stepped away from games as they focused on fundraising or making Layer 1 Blockchains, Media, Film, or other ventures outside of gaming.

Rahul Sood stressed the importance of game studios focusing on making great games over "play to earn" or other Web3 lingo often used to market NFT-based games, noting that user growth can stagnate and make the bottom fall out creating "mini ponzis". Rahul also mentioned the importance of Web3 games focusing on making fun games and then applying the technology accordingly.

Matt Nutt noted that companies over the past few years have been focusing on tech and monetary incentives which is why his company is focused on game publishing to build the toolsets to support gaming companies building better games.

There is no doubt that the Web3 gaming space will continue to grow and the ones to likely be most successful will be the ones who focus on making a great game.

Next Event

"Crypto Regulations and Legal Outlook"

Join us for a discussion with those actively working in the legal and regulatory side of #Web3#Blockchain#Bitcoin#Crypto#NFTs and hear their outlook.

📣 Speakers

- Jill Williamson: Managing Attorney at Gravis Law, PLLC

- Miles Fuller: Director of Government Solutions at TaxBit

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