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Celebrating Innovation and Community: A Recap of the "What's in Store for 2024" Event Hosted by TF Labs and Niftmint

🌟 A Big Thank You to Everyone Who Attended the "What's in Store for 2024" Event 🌟

What's in store for 2024 in tech
New and Familiar Faces at "What's in Store for 2024" event 1/23/24

What's in Store for 2024: An Evening of Insight, Networking, and Future Gazing

On January 23, the vibrant spaces of TF Labs and Niftmint offices transformed into a hub of innovative discussions and networking as we hosted our much-anticipated "What's in Store for 2024" event. The air was charged with excitement and the spirit of collaboration, making it a night to remember for everyone who joined us.

The Highlights of the Night

The event was not just a gathering but a celebration of ideas and foresight. Here’s a glimpse into the extraordinary moments of the night:

  • Insightful Discussions: From the moment the doors opened, the venue buzzed with thought-provoking conversations and lively debates about the future of technology and business.

  • Light Bites and Refreshments: Amidst the engaging discussions, our guests enjoyed a selection of light bites and refreshing drinks, adding a touch of elegance and comfort to the evening.

Our Esteemed Speakers

A stellar lineup of industry leaders graced the event, each bringing unique perspectives and invaluable insights:

  • 🎨 Shelby Alexandra Stardust: An oil painter, digital artist, and storyteller, Shelby captivated the audience with her blend of art and technology.

  • 🚀 Renatta Fairbanks of ACCNTNT: Renatta brought to light the intricate dynamics of accounting in the modern tech landscape.

  • ⚖️ John T. Bender from Corr Cronin LLP: John shared his legal expertise, particularly focusing on the legal challenges in emerging technologies.

  • 📱 Nathan Love from T-Mobile Wholesale: Nathan’s insights into the future of telecom and tech were nothing short of visionary.

  • 💻 Matt Sorg of the Solana Foundation: Matt provided a sneak peek into the evolving tech and product ecosystem at Solana.

  • 💼 Alvaro Jimenez Jimenez, CEO of Gaudium Capital: Alvaro discussed the financial intricacies relevant to our rapidly changing industry.

  • 📚 Adam Philipp from AEON Law: Adam delved into the complexities of patent and IP law, a critical area in tech innovation.

Special Thanks

  • The TF Labs/Niftmint Team: The success of the night owes much to Jonathan G. Blanco 🛠, Erin Lowe, Ridwan Grimes, Taban Cosmos, and J. Bean Lowe for their relentless effort and dedication.

  • Sara McCarter (NFTEAVIP): A special note of gratitude to Sara for her exceptional organizational skills and co-moderation that added finesse to the event.

Watch the full video recording on our YouTube Channel or by clicking the video below

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Dan Thygesen - SVP of Wholesale and Innovation at T-Mobile

Yorke Rhodes III - CoFounder of Blockchain at Microsoft

More speakers to be announced

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