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Seattle AI Week Recap: Niftmint and TF Labs Events

Updated: Jun 24

Seattle AI Week
Jalen Cope, Jonathan Blanco, Erin Lowe, Bean Lowe, Lainey Lee, Michael Fitzgerald. Sara McCarter and Nick Ellingson not pictured.

Niftmint and TF Labs participated in and hosted several events during Seattle AI Week, showcasing the vibrant AI community in the city.

The week began with a panel discussion on AI and Web3 at Madrona Venture Labs. Our founder and CEO, Jonathan G. Blanco, shared insights on these technologies, sparking engaging questions and discussions among attendees and panelists. This event was sponsored by TF Labs, Niftmint, WTIA, and Madrona Venture Labs.

Midweek, we hosted a coffee and networking event co-sponsored by Niftmint, TF Labs, and WTIA. This relaxed morning gathering provided founders and investors with an opportunity to connect over breakfast and exchange ideas about the AI landscape.

The momentum continued with a happy hour at CitizenM, sponsored by TF Labs, Niftmint, Ascend, and WTIA. This event brought together founders, investors, and builders actively exploring AI. An open bar facilitated excellent conversations and networking opportunities.

Seattle AI Week concluded with a closing BBQ at the TF Labs and Niftmint offices. Sponsored by TF Labs, Niftmint, WTIA, and Silicon Valley Bank, this event celebrated the AI community and provided a final opportunity for attendees to connect.

Throughout the week, we met many people building, working in, and curious about AI, highlighting the exciting developments in Seattle's AI field.

Attendees are encouraged to check their email to claim their Niftmint Rewards. We appreciate all participants and sponsors for contributing to the success of these events and invite you to join us for similar gatherings during Seattle Tech Week.

Special shoutout to Arry Yu and Nick Ellingson of WTIA, TF Labs' resident grill master, Lainey Lee of WTIA, Jalen Cope, Sara McCarter, Michael Fitzgerald, and TF Labs' own Erin Lowe and J. Bean Lowe for all of their efforts and support making these events possible!

Did you attend Seattle AI Week? We'd love to hear your thoughts and favorite moments. Feel free to share in the comments below!

Stay tuned for more exciting events and opportunities to connect. Until next time!

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thank you for the excellent write-up! honored and happy to have been of service and assistance. loved the AI / Web3 panel! we need checks and balances on what's really going on under the hood of AI. Web3 seems like it will help on this front.

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