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NFT's for Brands Day

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

TF Labs is excited to produce NFT for Brands Day, a 1 day digital event showcasing new and emerging technology and thought leadership in the NFT space, and how brands are integrating into this new ecosystem.

NFT for Brands day will feature speakers, panels, and lectures on some of the most important concepts for brands today, including:

  • Metaverse

  • Social Audio

  • Digital Inventory

  • DeFi Taxes

  • Gaming

  • Legal

This digital conference, running from 9am to 3pm, will also feature breakout rooms, 1:1 conversations, open questions, and audience participation. Continuing on from years of experience in both in-person and digital events, NFT for Brands Day will be one of the most immersive, educational, and engaging NFT conferences for Brands and their constituents.


9:00 - Event opens - Welcome

9:30 - NFTs for Brands - Jonathan Blanco

10:00 - Brands Enter the Metaverse - Chris Banburry

10:30 - Gaming, Brands, and Mecha Fight Club - Rahul Sood

11:30 - NFT’s for Non-Profits - John Cobb

12:00 - NFT News - Matt Case

1:00 - Community, Social, & NFT’s - Natalie Crue, Aakash Patel & Jennifer English

2:00 - Smart Contracts - Scott ‘ Koda’ Dudley

2:30 - NFT Legality - Joe Vincent

3:15 - Q&A / Networking

Click here to register.


About TF Labs

TF Labs is a premier management consulting and services agency for Blockchain, Web3, and Crypto projects since 2018. TF Labs has helped numerous companies, brands, and projects with integrating and operating Web3 strategies and programs. TF Labs is also the proud host of TF Conferences, some of the premier Web3 conferences dating back to 2018.

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