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Exploring the Intersection of AI and Blockchain During Seattle Tech Week presented by Madrona

Intersection of AI and Blockchain Event TF Labs Niftmint
Intersection of AI and Blockchain Event #Seattle Tech Week

Introduction to the Intersection of AI and Blockchain:

The tech world is buzzing with excitement as TF Labs | Niftmint, two prominent players in the #Web3 and #NFT Commerce space, recently hosted an extraordinary event during #SeattleTechWeek. The event, aptly titled "Intersection of AI and Blockchain," brought together tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry experts to discuss the fascinating convergence of these two cutting-edge technologies. The gathering, held at the TF Labs | Niftmint offices, was a huge success, drawing a diverse crowd of over 50 attendees who eagerly engaged in a thought-provoking conversation.

Setting the Stage:

As the clock struck 3:00 pm, the venue came alive with the arrival of attendees, eager to dive into the world of #AI and #blockchain. The panel discussion, led by the dynamic moderator, Sara McCarter, kicked off with an air of excitement and anticipation. Alongside Sara, the stage featured three distinguished panelists - Devon Shigaki from FreshCredit® , Jesse Adams from UpRock, and our own Jonathan G. Blanco all esteemed experts in their respective fields.

Diverse Perspectives Unite:

One of the highlights of the event was the diverse range of perspectives shared by the panelists and attendees. The lively discussions revolved around the potential intersections of AI and blockchain and how their integration could revolutionize various industries. Despite different backgrounds and viewpoints, the participants found common ground in one crucial aspect: the significance of tokenization in bridging the gap between AI and blockchain.

Tokenization as the Key:

Throughout the event, there was unanimous agreement on the importance of tokenization to unlock the full potential of AI and blockchain synergy. Tokenization, the process of converting real-world assets into digital tokens on a blockchain, serves as the backbone for maintaining provenance, authentication, immutability, and programmability. The panelists illustrated how tokenization could foster trust, transparency, and traceability across various applications, from supply chain management to intellectual property rights.

A Digital Spectacle:

The event catered to both local attendees and a global audience through its live-streaming and recording. Enthusiasts who couldn't physically attend the event had the opportunity to join in the conversation virtually, witnessing the exchange of knowledge and ideas from the comfort of their homes.

Looking Forward:

The success of this "Intersection of AI and Blockchain" event has further fueled TF Labs and Niftmint's commitment to fostering innovation in the Web3 and NFT Commerce space. With a series of monthly Blockchain events already in their repertoire, they are gearing up for an exciting #AISummit scheduled for August 16th. For tech enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike, staying connected with TF Labs and Niftmint promises to be an enriching journey into the realm of cutting-edge technologies.


The "Intersection of AI and Blockchain" event hosted by TF Labs and Niftmint during #SeattleTechWeek presented by Madrona was an absolute delight for tech enthusiasts. The lively discussions, diverse perspectives, and collective agreement on the significance of tokenization showcased the immense potential of combining AI and blockchain technologies. As the tech world eagerly anticipates the upcoming AI Summit, one thing is clear: the fusion of AI and blockchain holds the key to a future filled with innovation, efficiency, and boundless possibilities.


Seattle Tech Week Continues...Make sure to add these events to your calendar.

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