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Celebrating #SeattleTechWeek: A Memorable Startup Barbecue Closing Party at TF Labs and Niftmint

Closing Party - Seattle Tech Week -  Startup Barbeque
Closing Party - Seattle Tech Week - Startup Barbeque

SeattleTechWeek Startup Barbecue:

#SeattleTechWeek came to an exciting close with TF Labs and Niftmint | Web3 & NFT Commerce hosting our biggest event yet - the #Startup Barbecue Closing Party. TF Labs' team worked tirelessly to organize a week filled with seven engaging events, providing a platform for tech enthusiasts, startups, and venture professionals to connect and network. With nearly 200 attendees joining the festivities, it was a fantastic way to conclude a week of tech celebrations.

A Growing Tech Community:

Throughout the week, TF Labs and Niftmint had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of individuals passionate about technology and innovation. Many of them were introduced to the TF Labs' monthly summer barbecues and monthly panel events for the first time. The events proved to be an excellent opportunity to expand their community and connect with like-minded individuals in the tech industry.

Gratitude to Sponsors and Team:

The success of the #Startup Barbecue Closing Party wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of sponsors Jeanette Roy, Kiran Malhotra, and SVB, and Nick Ellingson and WTIA. Their backing made the event a resounding success, and the attendees were able to enjoy an unforgettable evening.

A special mention goes out to the dedicated team at TF Labs and Niftmint, whose hard work and commitment made everything possible: Erin Lowe, J. Bean Lowe, Ridwan Grimes, Fuad Abdella, Taban E. Cosmos, Kevin Logan Jr, and Jalen C. 🌐, were the backbone of the event, making sure everything was set up, the food was prepared, and the venue was spotless. The team's efforts played a vital role in creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for all the attendees. A special THANK YOU to Nick Ellingson, who grilled 160 burgers!

Closing Party - Seattle Tech Week -  Startup Barbeque
Ridwan Grimes (back), Erin Lowe, Jonathan Blanco, Bean Lowe, Jalen Cope, Fuad Abdella (front)

A Shoutout to the Community:

The #Startup Barbecue Closing Party was a great occasion to bring together newcomers and long-standing community members. TF Labs and Niftmint would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined the celebration, including Alvaro Jimenez Jimenez, Montana Wong, Alec (Oleg) Maslov, Adam Philipp, Justin Wu, Bickey Huynh, and many others. Your support and active participation contribute to the vibrant and thriving tech community in Seattle.

Looking Ahead:

As TF Labs and Niftmint continue to foster a strong tech community, they have exciting plans on the horizon. Mark your calendars for the #AISummit on August 16th, where tech enthusiasts can delve into the world of Artificial Intelligence. The day will conclude with the #AIRooftopBBQ, offering attendees the chance to unwind and connect under the stars all in the shadow of the #SpaceNeedle

Join the Growing Community:

The success of the #StartupBarbecue Closing Party highlights the impact that a supportive and inclusive community can have on fostering growth and innovation. TF Labs and Niftmint are dedicated to building a thriving tech ecosystem and welcome anyone interested in supporting their vision to reach out.


#SeattleTechWeek may have come to an end, but the momentum and energy gained from the events will undoubtedly carry forward. The #StartupBarbecue Closing Party was a testament to the power of collaboration and community-building, leaving attendees excited for what the future holds in store.

So, if you're passionate about tech, startups, and venture, join TF Labs and Niftmint in their journey of creating an environment where innovation thrives, connections flourish, and dreams turn into reality. Together, let's keep building a stronger tech community that knows no bounds.


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