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AI Summit 2023: A Mind-Blowing Sold-Out Showcase of Cutting-Edge Technology and Mouthwatering BBQ!

Updated: Jan 17

Unveiling the AI Summit 2023: Prepare to be amazed by groundbreaking tech and a surprising BBQ twist!

AI Summit
Image Generated in Photoleap by AI

Table of Contents

  • Empowering Users: How Consumers Use AI

  • The Journey Begins: Developing AI Software

  • Transforming Tradition: AI in Legacy Industries

  • Unleashing Potential: How Enterprises Use AI

  • Fueling Innovation: Building in AI and VC Outlook

  • Under the Stars: The Unforgettable Rooftop BBQ

  • Recapping the Mind-Blowing AI Summit

Gathered in Belltown at the TF Labs and Niftmint offices, filled with excitement and eager anticipation, attendees of the #AISummit, hosted by TF Labs and Niftmint, experienced a remarkable event that left their minds buzzing with innovative ideas. With topics spanning a wide range of domains, this sold-out summit showcased the latest advancements and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in our rapidly evolving world. Let's delve into the highlights of each panel, featuring discussions on "Developing AI Software," "How Consumers Use AI," "AI in Legacy Industries," "Building in AI and VC Outlook," and "How Enterprises Use AI." And of course, we can't forget the unforgettable conclusion to the event - a delightful Rooftop BBQ sponsored by WTIA!

Empowering Users: How Consumers Use AI

AI Summit
Jesse Adams, Michael Agustin, Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek, Heather Russell, and moderated by Jonathan G. Blanco

From personal assistants to smart homes, AI has become an integral part of our daily lives. The panel comprised of Jesse Adams of Uprock, Michael Agustin of Curie, Dr. Joan Palmiter Bajorek of Clarity AI, and Heather Russell of Irreverent Labs, moderated by TF and Niftmint Founder Jonathan G. Blanco on "How Consumers Use AI" shed light on the multitude of ways in which individuals interact with and benefit from AI technology. Attendees were left astounded by the vast range of applications, from healthcare and education to entertainment and e-commerce. The panelists shared gripping stories of how AI has revolutionized user experiences, revealing how personalization and efficiency have reached unprecedented levels with the aid of AI.

The Journey Begins: Developing AI Software

AI Summit
Panelists: Jeremy Tryba, Sage Elliott, Andrew Dye, David Lanman, moderated by Jonathan G. Blanco

Experts in the field of AI software development took the stage, from left to right: Jeremy Tryba, CEO of Charmed, Sage Elliott of WHYLABS, Andrew Dye of Union, and David Lanman of yoodli, captivating the audience with their tales of triumphs and tribulations. The panel delved into the intricacies of building AI software and discussed the challenges encountered along the way. Attendees were enlightened on innovative approaches and gained a deeper understanding of the technical complexities involved in this field. The discussions sparked a new level of inspiration, encouraging attendees to push the boundaries of what AI software can achieve.

Transforming Tradition: AI in Legacy Industries

AI Summit
Panelists: Nikita Gupta, Mahek Chhatrapati, Pradnya Desh, Priyansha Bagaria, moderated by Jonathan G. Blanco

The discussion on "AI in Legacy Industries" was nothing short of fascinating. Panelists Nikita Gupta, founder of Careerflow, Mahek Chhatrapati, CEO of DocNexus, Pradnya Desh of Advocat, and Priyansha Bagaria with Loopr, unraveled the ways AI is transforming traditional sectors that have long been untouched by technological advancements. Attendees were captivated by inspiring stories of how AI has breathed new life into industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, business processes, and even job searching. Concrete examples showcased how AI is not only streamlining processes but also unlocking new possibilities, sparking a surge of innovation across legacy sectors.

Unleashing Potential: How Enterprises Use AI

AI Summit
Panelists: Sean Wu, Jun Qian, Surbhi Rathore, Daniel Mutch, moderated by Jonathan G. Blanco

The panel discussion on "How Enterprises Use AI" consisting of: Sean Wu with OpenCUI, Jun Qian of Oracle, Surbhi Rathore of, and Daniel Mutch of T-Mobile, shed light on the immense potential AI holds for large organizations. Attendees were intrigued by the diverse applications of AI in enterprise settings, ranging from optimizing supply chains to improving customer experiences. Real-world case studies left the audience in awe of the transformative power of AI when wielded effectively. The panelists also shared practical tips on AI adoption, empowering enterprises to unlock efficiencies and drive innovation.

Fueling Innovation: Building in AI and VC Outlook

AI Summit
Panelists: Heather Gorham, Larry Colagiovanni, Kevin Leneway, moderated by Jonathan G. Blanco

Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists filled the room with their contagious energy during the panel on "Building in AI and VC Outlook." Attendees soaked up practical advice on integrating AI into their ventures, leveraging the insights shared by experienced entrepreneurs who have already paved the way. Confidence grew as attendees learned about the current trends and prevalent investment opportunities in the AI space. The panelists Heather Gorham of Flying Fish, Larry Colagiovanni of Madrona Venture Labs, and Kevin Leneway of PSL shared valuable guidance that left attendees buzzing with excitement, ready to embark on their own AI ventures.

In the Shadow of the Space Needle: The Unforgettable Rooftop BBQ

Wrapping up the AI Summit was a memorable Rooftop BBQ that brought together attendees, speakers, and organizers in a relaxed and joyous atmosphere. TF Labs' rooftop offered a stunning view of the #SpaceNeedle as the smell of sizzling barbecue filled the air. Attendees networked, shared their experiences, and forged new connections while savoring delicious food. It was a perfect end to an eventful day, fostering a sense of community and leaving attendees with hearts full of inspiration and stomachs full of scrumptious treats!

A special THANK YOU to Nick Ellingson, Director of Products and Startup Ambassador at WTIA, for grilling 100 burgers, and to WTIA for sponsoring this event. On behalf of TF Labs and Niftmint, your continued support is why we can throw great parties.

A huge SHOUTOUT to the TF Labs and Niftmint teams: Erin Lowe, Bean Lowe, Julie Vandehey, Jalen Cope, Kevin Logan, Taban Cosmos, Ridwan Grimes, Fuad Abdella, and of course, Jonathan G. Blanco. Thank you all for helping to make this sold out event a huge success!

Recapping the Mind-Blowing #AISummit

As we reflect on the AI Summit 2023, it becomes clear that this event was an immense success, providing a sold-out audience with thought-provoking insights and remarkable moments. From the diverse panels discussing AI software development, consumer usage, legacy industries, building in AI, and enterprise adoption, attendees left with their minds teeming with newfound knowledge and inspiration.

This summit acted as a catalyst, sparking innovation and cementing the role of AI as a pivotal force in our fast-paced world. The event concluded on a high note with the Rooftop BBQ, uniting attendees around a shared passion for AI while fostering connections and camaraderie. It's safe to say that the AI Summit was an extraordinary experience that will have a lasting impact on the individuals fortunate enough to be part of it.

If you missed the #AISummit in person or while it was streamed live, you can catch the event here on Youtube:

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