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FounderStreams launches Cohort 2 of FounderStreams Accelerator two months after inaugural Cohort

After a successful first cohort, FounderStreams Accelerator has launched Cohort 2 this week on Clubhouse to further support Startup Founders and with a class consisting of 100% underrepresented founders.

PRESS RELEASE - Seattle, WA - Jun 30, 2021

On Monday Jun 28, 2021, TF Labs and FounderStreams officially launched its second cohort of the FounderStreams Accelerator, just a little less than two months since the first cohort's Investor Showcase on May 1st. With Cohort 1 successfully graduating 13 startups and the tremendous support of approval from startup community, investors, founders, and mentors, the FounderStreams Accelerator team moved quickly to launch Cohort 2.

After over 200 applications, FounderStreams selected 10 Startups throughout the US and Canada to participate in Cohort 2, with companies focused on software, hardware, and consumer goods, in the verticals of Cloud Infrastructure, AI, EdTech, HealthTech, Design, SportsTech, and Productivity.

FounderStreams is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, though does not promote or market the Accelerator as such, rather showing so with its actions. Cohort 1 had nearly 80% of the startups having an underrepresented Founder, while Cohort2 consist of 100% of the startups having an underrepresented Founder and 50% of the startups having a female founder.

"I believe DEI is all about action, not simply saying it or having it as part of a marketing campaign. Our advisory team is incredibly diverse and our community is diverse, which leads to having more diverse applicants. I am so impressed by the 10 startups we have selected who are working on real problems in need of solving." Jonathan G. Blanco, Founder of TF Labs and FounderStreams TF Labs and FounderStreams is deeply focused in supporting startups and founder, as such there is no cost to participating in the accelerator, nor is there any equity exchanged. The FounderStreams Accelerator team, mentors, and advisors generously volunteer their time to support Founders.

The FounderStreams Accelerator will again be hosted primarily on Clubhouse, the popular audio based social media platform backed by Andreesen Horrowitz, with workshops, check-ins, pitch practices, lectures, and private session with industry experts, mentors, advisors and investors, over the next 5 weeks with Cohort 2's Investor Showcase taking place on July 24th at 12pm PST.

Each FounderStreams Accelerator workshop takes place on Clubhouse via a closed stage with FounderStreams Moderator presenting the information and the 10 Startups on stage engaging with questions and commentary related to the session's theme.

FounderStreams Accelerator Workshop Schedule

In an effort to make the content accessible to everyone, the workshops are hosted live where anyone can sit in the audience to listen in and the session's materials are shared on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn beforehand so the audience can also follow along.

Advisors and Mentors

The FounderStreams Accelerator is lead by Jonathan G. Blanco Founder of TF Labs and FounderStreams, Tiffany Mcghee CNBC Contributor and Founder of Pivotal Advisors, Elizabeth Scallon Startup ecosystem builder, Nolan Rollins CEO of SMRT Mouth smart athletic wearable, and Rajan Kasetty Partner at The 22 Fund.

“I believe that the tools and resources to help founders should be free and assessable. I am excited to advise FounderStreams accelerator to democratize entrepreneurship and support the best founders in the process”. Elizabeth Scallon, Startup and Innovation ecosystem builder.

FounderStreams Accelerator Cohort 2 Participants

Katie Larabee - Darby Blue: D2C premium brand focusing on pet products

Elizabeth Ticoyan - Healp: Connects patients to community and crowdsources health solutions

Timothy Murenzi - Indema: The business of design

Joshua Hsu - Introhm: Enable coaches to remotely assess their athletes functional fitness & monitor metrics

Amal Soliman & Gina El Kattan- Nuba: Making Canada’s only natural Organic Ready to Drink Tisanes brewed and bottled in Oakville ON

Handoyo Sutanto & Simon Loo - Lyrid inc.: Shops for the lowest latency or cost around the globe

Lily Hagen - Lingo Plaza: Gamified language and cultural e-learning for kids

Denis Ocampo - Outboxedu Inc: Changing how teachers get paid & students learn

Ana Jones - Phlex65: Connecting clients with the caregivers to age-in-place

Alejandro Fernández & Benito R. Fernández - The Whisper Company: Seamlessly ensures 100% prevention of unauthorized access to your communication

Watch each of the Founder introduce themselves and learn more about their companies at FounderStream's recent blog post: Founder Intros: Meet Startup Founders in FounderStreams Accelerator Cohort 2

While no date has been set for Cohort 3, the FounderStreams Accelerator operates on a rolling application and invites Startup Founders to apply at and fill out the pop-up form.

For Press Inquiries please contact Jonathan G. Blanco at

TF Labs is a startup studio and digital agency working with early stage companies and enterprises, turning ideas into products across blockchain, commerce, content, and branding, while spinning out internal startups.

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