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In February of 2022, KISS Beauty reached out to TF Labs looking to explore possibilities of introducing a Web3 campaign into their upcoming product lines. TF Labs spent time with core members of the KISS Marketing team, understanding where the organization was at, initial ideas they had, and the product lines they were looking to support.

From this, TF Labs was able to develop the NFT Strategy Playbook for KISS, covering all considerations for their Web3 program launch, including:

  • Immediate/First Programs
  • User Flows
  • Technical Considerations
  • Extended Rollouts & Program Validation/KPIs
  • Marketing for Crypto Native and Non-Native Audiences

With this core strategy and playbook developed, TF Labs and KISS began entering into the planning and execution of the KISS' first NFT program.
In architecting the first NFT program, there were several areas that TF Labs focused heavily on, for success of both the program and the larger organization. These areas were
  • How do we protect the Brand's image in this campaign?
  • How do we structure this to allow KISS' audience to engage with the KISS NFT without having to be Crypto-native or Crypto predisposed?
  • How do we launch a campaign that maps to KISS' organizational comfortability with crypto overall?
With these as the north stars for the project, TF Labs began building out the program. To assist with influencer marketing campaigns conducted on TikTok, KISS brought in the creative marketing agency Movers+Shakers to handle promotions from these TikTok influencers.
To be ready on all fronts for the launch of the campaign, TF Labs owned and fully directed core areas of the campaign:
  • Architected all public-facing language from KISS regarding the campaign to be NFT/Crypto appropriate and accurate
  • Ongoing consultation regarding broader crypto programs, including which blockchains to use to match KISS' ESG positions, legality, FAQs, and press Q&As
  • Building the marketing/contest website
  • Building and deploying the NFT Smart Contracts
  • Preparing 3rd party sites to support NFT Visibility (OpenSea, Polygonscan, etc.)
  • Scheduling release of Crypto-related Press and booking Crypo-related PR (Blockchain Beauty Shop, NFT Thursdays, etc.) 
In May of 2022, the KISS NFT contest officially launched, including core marketing support across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Fans and customers of KISS were directed to visit the NFT Giveaway website,

On the NFT Website, users could enter their First, Last, Email, and Address, and any other information KISS saw relevant to entrants, and be officially entered into the drawing. This required no crypto or Web3 workflows on the user end, and allowed them to enter and partake without needing to connect any blockchain wallets or have prior crypto experience.

By the end of the contest, over 2 million total impressions from press releases, thousands of reactions and engagements across all social media channels, and over 2 thousand entrants for the giveaway. All of these impressions and interaction points provided strong lift for the KISS Masterpiece Collection, the false eyelash collection in which the NFT Giveaway was in support of.

Of all of the entrants, 4 winners were randomly selected and provided white-glove service in creating and accessing a blockchain wallet, understanding core concepts regarding the blockchain wallet, and had the NFTs successfully transferred to their blockchain wallets. They also received direct interaction from KISS to unlock the utility that comes with owning the NFTs, including an on-demand 'Glam' squad, as well as the full KISS Masterpiece Lash PR Collection - a collection of all of the lashes featured in the KISS Masterpiece line.
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