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Website & App Development

TF Labs designs, architects, and develops websites, eCommerce sites, and web and mobile apps for growing brands and orgs. 

Practice, Record,
Watch, Share.


Perfect your elevator pitch and share your Startup story with VCs and Angels using Video Pitch Profiles on FounderStreams.

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Video Resume and Interview Profiles for
Web3 Candidates & Employers

HireStreams accelerates the candidate discovery process, introducing employers and job seekers via video profiles, focusing on hiring for Web3, Blockchain and Crypto jobs, making faster decisions via interview profiles.

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Crypto Finance - Coming Soon


Loyalty, Retention, and Rewards for community.

Bring the same mechanics used by the top eCommerce and Social Media platforms to understand the value of each person  in your community to target, segment, and reward. 

Use your own data to gain invaluable insights.

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