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Join TF Labs

TF Labs is a Startup Studio and Consultancy
  • TF Labs builds Startups to be spun out as companies
  • TF Labs works with companies of all sizes to lead Digital Transformation 
To date, TF Labs has been 100% Bootstrapped, focusing predominately on in house companies which can prove revenue during MVP.
Our first company HireStreams, is a video interview platform where the Job Seeker is the content creator and initiates the hiring funnel.
TF Labs is exploring fundraising under a Crowdfunding campaign or strategic investment partners via Venture Capital and Angel Investors.
*This is not a solicitation for capital. TF Labs is strictly looking for interest at this time from accredited investors or individual if under a Reg-CF.
Companies looking to increase their presence with early stage companies and innovative tech can sponsor TF Labs and gain insights to latest advancements.
TF Labs is always looking for Founders who want to build a company inside of our ecosystem or want to join one of our incubated companies. 
Outside of the Studio, TF Labs works with Founder and early stage teams to lead discovers, strategy, and MVP development. We can build complete functioning MVPs for founders for as little at $15K.
We also work with founders on everything from growth marketing, product strategy, PR, content, and personal brand.
TF Labs works with companies of all sizes to establish key principals and patterns which can be used to lay the foundation, maintain, and scale an organization. TF Labs establishes the strategy and executes to optimize results. 
Specialties lie in Commerce, Payments, Retail, Blockchain, IoT, FinTech, and Web and App Development.
TF Labs has specialist across domain functions such as Product, Technology, Branding, Marketing, PR, Content, Revenue, and Finance
Get Involved with TF Labs
TF Labs is looking for Investors, Founder, and Partners, who want to participate in building the next great Startup Studio and build monster companies.
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